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Signing a will

Proven Expertise in Wills, Estates and Probate Administration

Preparing Your Will

Making a will ensures your final wishes will be honoured after your death. Give yourself peace of mind with the expert counsel of Shirley Felker-Dunbar Law. Without a will, the Province of Alberta decides who will receive your property once your debts are paid, but you can create a will that appoints your executor and clearly states your beneficiaries. With 20 years of legal experience, Shirley Felker-Dunbar will guide you through the details so your documents accurately reflect your interests when you no longer are here personally to make your wishes known.

Seek Shirley’s counsel to:

  • Ensure your wishes are carried out with minimum expense and delay after your death
  • Ensure your wishes are clearly stated and understandable
  • Avoid expensive court applications to clarify your final wishes
  • Ensure your will is properly executed and witnessed
  • Ensure your will is valid
  • Avoid distribution to undesirable beneficiaries under the Intestate Succession Act
  • Review your will and estate assets to determine a need for a grant of probate
  • Review your will and estate assets to determine availability of bonds of indemnity
  • Discuss your executor’s responsibilities and potential areas of liability
  • If the deceased had no will, review estate assets and determine necessity of grant of administration
  • If the deceased had no will, assist in deciding appointment of the administrator of the estate
  • Prepare all necessary affidavits, schedules and notices for probate and administration application
  • Prepare necessary releases

Enduring Powers of Attorney

You can plan in advance for when you may not able to make decisions about your money, personal care or property through establishing an enduring power of attorney. Shirley Felker-Dunbar helps you with the important and complex details that allows you to appoint a trusted family member or friend – your attorney – to look out for your best interests and wishes when you cannot.

Shirley Felker-Dunbar will:

  • Ensure you understand the legal effect of granting powers of attorney
  • Advise you as to the duties of your attorney
  • Ensure understanding of difference between powers of attorney and a court-appointed trustee

Personal Directives to Reflect Your Needs

Personal directives guide your loved ones for your care at the end of your life or in case of critical illness or injury that prevents you from communicating with family or health care providers. Seek the legal advice of Shirley Felker-Dunbar Law in clearly documenting what treatments you do and do not want when you are not able to speak for yourself.

Let Shirley Felker-Dunbar:

  • Advise you about the difference in duties between an agent and court-appointed guardian
  • Discuss available options for your directives
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