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Felker-Dunbar Law for Smooth Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Buying a Home

Shirley Felker-Dunbar Law wants to ensure that you understand all the important points of buying a new home. From preparing the purchase agreement to carefully reviewing all documents, Shirley Felker-Dunbar’s job is to make sure buying the home of your dreams is a true joy. Down to checking the details and spelling, so your property correctly transfers to your name, Shirley Felker-Dunbar takes care of the process.


  • Reviews the purchase contract before you sign it for accuracy and agreement
  • Examines the property title
  • Makes sure legal documents are properly prepared and registered
  • Makes sure you clearly understand all terms of the new mortgage
  • Arranges for title insurance if it is required
  • Properly calculates adjustments: condo or resident’s fees and property taxes

Getting the Most out of Selling a Home

Don’t worry about losing money or missing important documents when you allow Shirley Felker-Dunbar to represent your interests when you sell your house or condo. Contact her about how she can help you through the process efficiently.

Depend on Shirley to:

  • Review the purchase contract for appropriate deposit and condition deadlines
  • Prepare the transfer of title documents
  • Prepare adjustment statement of applicable credits to you for condo fees, resident’s fees and property taxes
  • Collect the funds you need to close on your behalf
  • If necessary, arrange orders for a real property report or estoppal certificate
  • Obtain payout statements for registered mortgages and arrange to pay out the same

Refinancing a Home for Your Long-Term Benefit

When you refinance your home, you are looking for cost efficiency and financial benefits, and Shirley Felker-Dunbar Law helps you not only with the legal documentation, but also helps you make the most of your new mortagage. Ask her how to find ways to shorten your amortization period – pay off your mortgage earlier – by making bi-weekly payments weekly, or making your monthly payment twice a month instead.

Meet Shirley Felker-Dunbar to:

  • Make sure you understand the terms of your mortgage
  • Discuss tips for paying off your mortgage more quickly
  • Obtain payout statements for any previous mortgages and arrange payout
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