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Thorough Counsel for Divorce, Separation and Cohabitation

Through the stressful and unhappy times of divorce and separation, Shirley Felker-Dunbar Law promises you understanding and courteous service that is thorough and supportive. Before your marriage or when living together, you can call on Shirley Felker-Dunbar to help you best use the laws that may affect your relationship for years to come. Since 1992, Shirley Felker-Dunbar has expertly guided her clients through the laws and agreements that affect your life and the lives of your children.

Make an appointment when you need counsel about:

Uncontested Divorces

  • Discuss Division of Assets Prior to Divorce Application
  • Prepare Necessary Documents for Divorce Application
  • Arrange for Service on Spouse

Separation Agreements

  • Discuss Options to Divide Assets
  • Address Spousal Support
  • Address Estate Matters

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

  • Discuss Importance of Keeping Assets Separate
  • Address Asset Allocation
  • Address Spousal and Child Support
  • Discuss Estate Matters
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